Practice Description

Jerry W. Cox founded Potomac Strategy Associates to help clients deal with government.  His multi-faceted legal and public affairs services encompass every stage of government decision-making.  Representative clients include technology developers, manufacturers of transportation safety and security equipment, defense and homeland security contractors, transportation service providers and major insurance organizations.

Former U.S. Senator and United Nations Ambassador John C. Danforth appointed Mr. Cox his Legislative Counsel.  Danforth chaired the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation and the other Senate subcommittees with jurisdiction over international trade and federal procurement policy.  Mr. Cox was responsible for defense, government procurement and intelligence matters and the entire range of technology, telecommunications and transportation issues pending in the Commerce Committee.  He later practiced law in those subject areas at the world's largest law firm and headed a consulting practice group as vice president of the world's largest public relations firm.

A long-time advisor to several influential nonprofit organizations, Mr. Cox has served as Counsel to the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council, the Dangerous Goods Trainers Association, the Medical Device Battery Transport Council, the Executive Council on Diplomacy, the Institute for Public Relations, and as a trustee of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum.  He is a cofounder and Managing Director of The Forerunner Foundation, a Washington “think tank.”  Major news outlets around the world publish his forward-thinking commentaries on a wide range of issues. Mr. Cox also authored the book Transportation of Hazardous Materials in Plain English Packaging, a practical guide to an extremely complicated set of federal regulations.